I Help You Create Marketing That Resonates and Converts

My name is Joshua Harbert. And I work with business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts (like you) to grow their businesses to the next level, serve more people, and increase sales.

Personally, I've helped my clients...

We'd have to jump on a call to make sure I can be of help to you... but here are some of the things I can do for you:

Write new sales copy: I can write/rewrite your sales letters, autoresponder emails, opt-in pages, scripts for video sales letters and webinars, and more.

Review your copy and marketing strategy: Whether by reviewing your existing sales copy or helping you refine your marketing strategy, I can help ensure you're communicating the right message... for the right offer... to the right people.

If that sounds interesting to you, send me a note sharing a bit about your business and what you need help with.

With gratitude,

Joshua Harbert


You can email me at joshua [at] this domain [dot] com.


"I've dealt with 20 to 30 copywriters in my life, and without exaggeration, Joshua was the best to deal with. He listened to our objectives, he was willing to modify/revise his work – and we ended up selling out of all the available memberships for Bottarelli Research Professional. That's $250,000 in sales. Needless to say, I'm very pleased."

– Bryan Bottarelli, Bottarelli Research


The sales letter is converting really well for us. We've sold over 40,000 copies of our ebook so far. Definitely one of our top offers.

– Jake Carney, Founder of The Alternative Daily


Just some early numbers from our own internal list... 21.72% conversion with 50% taking the quarterly continuity. Yes, we are converting folks to a continuity product that is $100 per quarter at 21.72%. Could not have done it without you.

– John Cawrse, Founder of Ava Jane's Kitchen


Your ability to open the copy and meet people where they are is a unique strength that I haven't found in other copywriters. You bring a gentleness and compassion that doesn't undermine the effectiveness of what you write.

When I read the copy and look at the introductions I go, "Yes! That's what I wanted to say to these people.

Thanks again for your help with the Shine launch. We exceeded our target signups and added a number of new subscribers. We're thrilled with how it went.

– Michelle McQuaid, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Teacher


I'm really excited about the new membership program you helped me launch. It's providing me a nice, steady flow of cash each month. Plus, the people in the program are engaged and enjoying it, and have all retained their membership (after several months). Thanks so much for your support on this!

– Karen Cappello


Grandmaster Connelly and I are very pleased with the site. It is a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to more projects.

– Ms. Mason, Connelly's Academy


On the side, I host a blog with Tony Leung called Cave of Monsters about the craft of living. We explore the intersection between spirituality, entrepreneurship and creativity.

You can find more about it here...